Our restored stage!

Thanks to funding from our intrepid fundraisers Rob, Donna, Jo Ann and a donation from Sunderland Council Community Chest we completed updating and renovating our stage.  The stage is now fully functional with flats, wings, new floor surface and a coat of paint.

New fire proof curtains have been installed and we now have professional lighting systems available for use on the stage and elsewhere. Thank you to Pantastic too for the use of their sound equipment when we put on our Pantomimes.

2018 saw a theatre showcase from the Drama Workshops and to round the year off a splendid performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’ delighted audiences and gave the expanding group a chance to put their fun learning into practise.  The cast included children and adults from 6yrs to 66yrs! If you are interested in attending the drama workshops come along to MARRAS. 








We would welcome any enquiries to use the stage for choirs, dancers, performances, soloists and drama groups.  Additional stage blocks are available to make a two level performance area. The seating capacity for the hall is up to 100 so there is plenty of space for your audience to be entertained.   It is a great space to perform and enjoy. Come visit us to appreciate the space fully.

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