GCCP Volunteers

All Volunteers Welcome!!!

GCCP always welcomes volunteers to give a hand with a wide variety of things that are going on.  Wednesday has traditionally been our Volunteer/helpers day we have welcomed all ages to join us in tasks around the Project and shared a Volunteers Lunch provided by the Project to say thank you.  It is now possible to volunteer on a variety of days and times of day by prior arrangement ( as we need to avoid times when the premises are in use and access would be restricted). IMG_20150729_122718995

What help do we need?     

Office help, decorating, diy, tidying, keeping the play area sorted, gardening in all areas, keep notice boards up to date, picking and processing fruit, sewing, mending, IT….. including:

The Northumbria in Bloom award winning garden spaces are always in need of extra help from pulling weeds to growing fruit, veg and flowers.   If anyone is interested in having a small plot in the gardens for growing-your-own please get in touch as we may be able to help with this too.

The Office will always find things to do for willing hands and minds!  Paperwork multiplies constantly and helping us to keep it in order and deal with it is always welcomed. Everything from keeping records, filing, making phonecalls, replying to emails,  to sending out reminders for all sorts and helping with publicising upcoming Project events and making contacts with the local Community.

Volunteering does not mean committing to a particular day or time or to regular visits.  It can be just what you can offer –  one-off, occasional or regular. Knowing in advance helps us to make the most of volunteers time but dropping in is also welcome.

A number of our volunteers have gone on to find the sort of work they have wanted and we are always happy to help in any way we can with this step forward.


Volunteer groups are also very welcome whether it is as part of a learning experience, a chance to use an indoor or outdoor space, or enjoy what GCCP has to offer to its Volunteers.

Please contact JoAnne, Kati, or John at the Project or any member of the Management Committee

We ‘Thank You’ in advance for all and every offer of help, big or small!



Life is getting busier here at GCCP and we would really welcome help from anyone with a few spare minutes, hours or even days! There are so many small and not so small jobs waiting to be done to finish off the big development works and keep costs down, to keep up with day-to-day things and prep the garden for summer growing for all to share. We would welcome all offers of time big or small and on any day of the week (we have groups coming in on Wednesdays and Fridays if you prefer company)!  Many thanks to the Pauls ( yes there are more than one – currently  5! –  including the Paul one of our latest volunteers in the photo putting paint on the new shed) and to all others who have given so much help in the past and who help out now.
Please think about coming along to join in and share this post with friends who may have some time to fill.

Volunteers chill over a coffee in the sunshine